Help us bring the bees and butterflies to Verona. See any of Mrs. Barnett or Mrs. Shook's elementary students. In high school see a student from Mr. Chang or Mr. Stumbaugh's wildcat class to purchase your flower seeds. The proceeds from the fundraiser will help us purchase flowers to plant around Verona. Today all the students from these classes got together to make signs to hang inside the school.
16 days ago, Jennifer Shook
community project
community project
Mrs. Rodenberg's 5th graders are observing the process of photosynthesis.
17 days ago, Mrs. Rodenberg
18 days ago, Valerie Conaway
Grandparents we want to celebrate you! Please join us for Breakfast - Wednesday, September 13th 7:24 AM in the Verona Cafeteria Please RSVP by September 11th
21 days ago, Misti Yocum
We are sorry for the inconvenience, bus 3 will be 5 to 10 minutes late being dropped off.
22 days ago, Melody Whitehead
23 days ago, Valerie Conaway
On Thursday, students and staff Reached for the Stars, dressing up for future careers.
26 days ago, Kelley Rambo
Little police officers
Ballerina in training
Future medical professionals
A future teacher
4th grade future workers
Dog Moms
Retired and traveling
More Out of This World characters!
28 days ago, Kelley Rambo
1st grade
Space princesses
Silly aliens
2nd grade
4th grade
3rd grade
Things were Out of This World today! Aliens, astronauts, NASA workers, space agent from MIB even made an appearance!
28 days ago, Kelley Rambo
Alien leaders
MIB Agent D
Future of NASA
Give me space!
6th grade
More photos from Elementary's Twinning Tuesday
29 days ago, Kelley Rambo
Robin & her mini-me
Twinning with Mom
Twinning with Sunflowers
Twinning in Pink
Purple Trio
It was a Twinning Tuesday at Verona Elementary, with the 6th grade class winning the Clone Wars, having the most students "twin" with someone else.
29 days ago, Kelley Rambo
6th grade Twins
4th grade Double Twins
Twinning Cousins
Some serious twinning!
Peace & Love Twins
Twinning Sisters
Don't forget 4th graders need $3 for a recorder! Please turn in your money by September 7th!
30 days ago, Alicsa Ogden
Recorder Money due September 7th!
Instrument Rental Night is Thursday for all band members 5-12! If students are using a school instrument or already have an instrument they do not need to come! Students must have a book ($10 or included with rental) and $20 band fee by September 14th. Please email Mrs. Ogden with questions!
30 days ago, Alicsa Ogden
Instrument Rental Flyer!
Monday was Cosmic Day at Verona Elementary, as part of our PBIS Kickoff Week. Students and staff were spotted in bright and neon colors! Tuesday is for Twinning, with some Clone Wars between classes. Pictures to come!
30 days ago, Kelley Rambo
Cosmic Monday 4th graders
4th grade teachers in Neon
Cosmic Cuties
Staff in Neon
1st graders reviewed tiptoe(titi) and walk(ta) today!
about 1 month ago, Alicsa Ogden
1st Grade
1st Grade
1st Grade
1st Grade
5th and 6th graders reviewed rhythm in centers today!
about 1 month ago, Alicsa Ogden
5th and 6th grade gold group!
5th and 6th grade gold group!
5th and 6th grade gold group!
5th and 6th grade gold group!
I spy 3rd graders practicing reading for DEAR time.
about 1 month ago, Dianna Barnett
Mrs. Shook's class did salt painting this afternoon.
about 1 month ago, Jennifer Shook
Salt Painting
Come join our FFA booster club. Meeting is August 22, 6 PM in the lower ag room all are welcome to come to help support our students enrolled in FFA and agriculture
about 1 month ago, Tristan Dennis
ALMA Update
about 1 month ago, Misti Yocum