Verona High School Newsletter

Verona High Newsletter

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3/18- HS Softball vs. ash grove @ Verona

3/19- Archery Pratice

3/19- FFA Area LDE at sarcoxie

3/19- HS baseball at Miller

3/19- HS softball at Wheaton

3/20- HS scholar bowl tournament at Verona

3/21- Archery Pratice

3/22- HS baseball at Chadwick

3/22- HS softball at bradleyville 

3/23- JH volleyball confrence tournment

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Staff of the Week

Mr. Mooneyham has been teaching for eight years at Verona. He is a local guy, having graduated from Republic High School and Drury University. He has had many great experiences at Verona, but his favorite was going to the National competition for archery. He also enjoys most of his colleagues and students here. His family consists of his wife Sandy and his kiddo Kendra. He loves getting to spend time with them whenever possible. Mooneyham has always been a farm boy, and that’s what he would be full-time if he wasn’t a teacher. He likes to lift weights, and thinks his arms are huge, but he very closely resembles a small twig. He might be strong but he’s hiding it all in his belly.

Student of the Week

Ashley Freiburger is one of the very best students here at Verona. Her hard work and attitude towards her education are only part of her success as a student. Ashley treats every single person with respect and is a wonderful role model to follow. She plans on attending college and pursuing occupational therapy after she graduates. She is very close with her mom, dad, and three brothers. She also has two dogs, Dixie and Buster. Ashley has many hobbies which writing, drawing, and a ton of sports. She loves Verona. She likes how everyone know everyone, likes connecting with students, and likes the teachers. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Mooneyham. He encourages and supports her no matter what and pushes her to do the best. And he isn’t that strong. The only thing Ashley would add to Verona is a broader selection of classes.

Joke of the Week

What did the toilet say to the other toilet?

- you look flushed


3/19- Ovidio Deleon

3/20- Jenna Solomon

3/22- Caridad Comas

3/23- Aiden Ferry

Newsletter Staff

Newsletter Staff

Chase Golubski

Jorge Lara

Caleb Hillhouse