Verona R-VII District School, old picture

The Verona R-VII District School is a small rural school of roughly 450 students, staff and faculty. It is a K-12 school located in Verona, Missouri.

The first Verona School was built in 1869 of wood. During the summer, the school house got very hot due to lack of windows, and had only one door. At the time, Verona was a collection of smaller townships, each with its own schoolhouse. In May 1917, a bond was passed to organize the many school houses into a large public system. The old building was torn down and the new one was built next to the original site. The contractor who built this new school, Henry Crubb, was thrilled to do this for the community. This school only provided for grammar school, and 2 years of high school. A larger school was built in 1922 by Crubb. Ernest Wilks did all of the painting, and M.F. Pachel did all of the masonry work. In the fall of 1933, the school board was formed, and there were many more students enrolled than in previous years. Money was donated to buy books and new band equipment. In 1937, the school was given $6000 for renovations and to add on to the school. Another building was built that was used for a kitchen and an art room. In 2008 a new High School was built with additions that connected all the remaining building of the school. A new kitchen and cafeteria doubling as a backup gym was added as well.

P.O. Box 7
101 East Ella Street
Verona, Mo. 65769

(833) 402 - 9580