ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Every student fills out an enrollment packet every year which includes a home language component. If the student speaks another language at home or the student is exposed to a language other than English at home, then the student is given a language test.

The language test, or screener, is called W-APT. It assesses the student's English proficiency in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. It will show if the student needs additional help in one or more of these areas. The ESL teacher, in conjunction with the classroom teacher, will determine the appropriate ESL services for each student based on his/her language needs.

Verona offers a variety of ESL services. They include:

  • Pull-out

  • Push-in

  • Co-teaching

  • Sheltered Instruction

  • Content-Based Instruction

If you have further questions about Verona's Elementary ESL Program, please contact Shelley Blackburn at sblackburn@veronar7.net.